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lingua fran·ca n., pl. lingua fran·cas also linguae fran·cae.

1. A medium of communication between peoples of different languages.

2. A mixture of Italian with Provençal, French, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, and Turkish, formerly spoken on the eastern Mediterranean coast, mostly by merchants, until the 18th century

Origin: From Italian lingua, language + franca, Frankish
[language of the Franks].

(The American Heritage Dictionary)

Lingua Franca is the newsletter of the Department of World Languages & Cultures at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts. It is published twice a year and it is meant for the whole Salem State University community, as well as the surrounding North Shore community, for anybody who is interested in languages and cultures.

Lingua Franca has been published on paper since its inception in 2003. It has also always been available in PDF format online. Since Fall 2008 (issue 6.1) it is also available as a Web publication (“blog”).

Issues in this Web Publication (blog)

Past issues: PDF facsimile of paper version


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