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2018-2019 Future Teachers of Italian in the US

2018-2019 Future Teachers of Italian in the US: Cody Mulliner has been selected to go to Lombardy!

Anna Rocca

SITE stands for Study Intercultural Training Experience and is an internship opportunity for English-speaking students or recent graduates who wish to immerse themselves in the Italian language and culture while assisting local teachers and getting professional training on teaching methods. Students work part-time as English teaching assistants and get a monthly study scholarship (700/800 Euros) to assist secondary school teachers of English in Lombardy.

This year’s candidate was senior student Cody Mulliner, major in Psychology and minor in Italian. Cody has been officially awarded a SITE scholarship for an eight-month internship (1st Oct. 2018-31st May 2019) at the Institute ‘IIS Cremona’ in the city of Milano.

Cody has been very active within the SSU community and in the last two years, she showed exceptional leadership as the President of the Italian Club. Because of her outstanding class performance, in 2017, Cody has also been inducted in the International Foreign Language Honor Society Phi Sigma Iota. Brava Cody!

When asked about her upcoming experiences, Ms. Mulliner told us:

As my graduation approaches in May, I eagerly anticipate the year to come. This summer I will be doing cultural studies on palimpsests in Thessaloniki, Greece; theatre in London, England; and traditions in Italy, both in Sarteano, Tuscany and San Benedetto del Tronto. Following my return to the United States, I will be preparing to move to Italy to teach high school students for the SITE Program from September 2018-May 2019. I am endlessly grateful for the education and guidance I have received at Salem State University, namely from Professor Anna Rocca in the Italian Department and Professor David Gow in the Psychology Department. I am excited to pursue travel and immersion into new cultures, bettering my understanding of myself and others.

Cody Mulliner abroad

Cody Mulliner abroad



  1. Auguri Cody!!!!!!!!!!!! so proud of you!

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