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Faculty Presentations at MaFLA and Elsewhere


Dr. Fátima Serra with her students Christina Berry, Annmarie Quezada and Gerda Pasquarello presented “La enseñanza de la cultura en la clase de lengua.”

Dr. Kristine Doll with her students Jessica Celano, Catherine Frost, Julie Wall, Carolynne McCormick, Margaret Sears and Natalie Dellaria presented “Investigación activa/aplicación práctica en el salón de clase.”

Dr. Elizabeth Blood and Dr. Anna Rocca presented “Using Online News Resources to Teach Language and Culture.”

Dr. Michele C. Dávila participated in the panel “Crecer de golpe: el cine de formación en Latinoamérica” and presented “El Bildungfilme de Brasil.”


Dr. Nicole Sherf, MAT in Spanish Program Coordinator, was the Faculty Speaker for the Graduate Honors Program this year. She also coordinated as the Conference Chair the 42nd Fall Annual Conference of MaFLA at Sturbridge, MA, titled “The Foreign Language Standards: Creating Life-Long Learners.”

Dr. Anna Rocca participated in the Fifth Francophone Conference of Feminist Research at the University Mohammed V Agdal Rabat, Morocco on October 21-25 with the presentation: “Solidarité: Créativité et Stratégies Plurielles d’Écoute” in the panel: “Le féminisme au service de quell développement?” She also published: “Assia Djebar’s La femme sans sépulture: Anxiety and Testimonial Writing,” in Women in French Studies, Volume 16, 2008.

Dr. Kristine Doll was keynote speaker at “Les complexitats de la traducció,” at the Setmana Cultural Illes Balears, Mallorca, Spain. Via video conference, June 19, 2008. Conference sponsored by Obra Cultural Balear, L’Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics and C’an Alcover.

Dr. Fátima Serra presented “Historia sentimental de la Guerra Civil: El Corazón Helado de Almudena Grandes”  at the 10th Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, Mundo de Mujeres/ Women’s World at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid (Spain) on July, 2008.

Dr. Elizabeth Blood presented a paper on Franco-Americans in early 20th-century Salem at the 2008 meeting of the American Society for Quebec Studies in Quebec City. The paper was entitled “‘La ville que nous avons adoptée’: Franco-American Identity and the Courrier de Salem newspaper in Salem, Massachusetts.”


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