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Alumni Profiles: Where Are They Now?

By Elizabeth Blood, Foreign Languages

alumns-carlosCarlos Camelo graduated from Salem State in 2005 with a major in Political Science and minors in both Foreign Languages (French/Italian/Spanish) and Latin American Studies. During his time at Salem State, he participated in the Department’s summer study abroad programs in both Spain and Québec. Carlos found his dream job with NBC Universal a couple of years after graduation. He works as a Sourcing Manager for World-Wide Telemundo, the Spanish-language television station. In this position, Carlos is able to use his language skills, as well as the cross-cultural people skills he acquired in his Foreign languages classes, in his travels around the world for Telemundo. When asked about the job, Carlos said, “I lead negotiations and contracts with all the vendors and services our company requires to operate. For example, I deal with advertising agencies preparing our creative content and media placement.” Carlos loves this new job, and its travel perks, “I have to work with the special and entertainment departments supporting their world-wide specials like Miss Universe in Vietnam or the Olympics in China. Or just simply operations in Latin America. So that is why I travel so much!”

alumns-claudeClaude Pierre graduated in May 2008 with a major in Spanish (Secondary Education concentration) and a minor in French. A Haitian immigrant, husband and father of two young children, Claude was able to juggle full-time studies, work and family during his time at Salem State. Upon graduation, Claude found a full-time job teaching Spanish and French in the Swampscott public schools, but also decided to pursue graduate studies in Counseling. Claude is currently enrolled in a Master’s program in Counseling at Salem State while teaching during the day.

alumns-stephanieStephanie Izzicupo, a Psychology major and French minor, graduated in the spring of 2007. As an undergrad, Stephanie participated in the study abroad program in Québec, was president of the French Club, and worked as a French tutor in the LRC. The year after graduation, Stephanie was awarded a fellowship by the French government to teach English in France for the year. She spent her year teaching in a lycée in Nancy, France. This experience has inspired her to continue her French studies and to pursue a career in education. She is currently working as an administrator at a bilingual English-French school in Boston and is working as a freelance translator.♦


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