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Spain Calls! Language and Culture Assistants Needed!

Every year the ministry of Education of Spain gives the opportunity to 1,200 North American students to be a teacher’s aide in a K-12 classroom for a year in Spain.   Read the qualifications needed and visit the website at the end of the page for more information. In a couple of weeks they will open the online registration.

Program Overview

The Assistants will have the opportunity to learn about the Spanish language and culture and use their experience upon their return to the United States or Canada, thus developing cultural understanding between the citizens of Spain and the United States of America and Canada. The program provides Spanish students and teachers of English an opportunity to broaden and increase their knowledge of the English language and North American culture through interaction with native speakers. The Autonomous Regions will assign all candidates, individually, to their city and elementary or secondary school.  You may not choose your city. The MEPSYD and some of the Regional Education Authorities will organize orientation seminars at the beginning of the school year.

Official Announcement Details

I. Requirements

Candidates will:

  • Hold a U.S. or Canadian passport.
  • Be an upcoming junior or senior college student or have successfully completed a BA, BS, MA or MS by the end of the current academic year.
  • Be in good mental and physical health.
  • Have a functional knowledge of the Spanish language.

II. Candidates may also include the following documentation:

  • Teaching experience.
  • Experience living abroad.
  • Official Spanish-language Diplomas (DELE or others).
  • Knowledge of other languages different from English or Spanish.
  • Other college degrees/qualifications different from those required to apply.

III. Duties

  • Grantees will work as English language assistant teachers, under the supervision and guidance of a classroom teacher in K-12 schools and Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas (state-run language schools) throughout Spain.
  • Grantees will teach 12-16 periods per week.
  • The assistant and the classroom teacher (or the school representatives) may agree upon other activities and responsibilities in which they should be involved, including attending faculty meetings, making class presentations and participating in extra-curricular activities such as workshops, field trips, student exchanges, music and theater performances, or sports events.

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