Posted by: SSU Lingua Franca | April 23, 2011

Italian Club News

Italian Club News: The Italian Club has never been so alive!

This semester, thanks to our new officers, Tessa (President), Molly (Vice-President), Leanna (Secretary) and Diane (Treasurer), the Italian Club applied for and obtained funds from the SGA.

La tigre e la neveTwo very well attended Movie Nights were organized during the semester, with more than 20 students and several professors in attendance each time. La Tigre e La Neve (The Tiger and the Snow) was shown on March 30 and Le Chiavi Di Casa (The Keys to the House) was shown on April 20. Refreshments and appetizers were served during the movies, such as canoli and cookies from the North End.

Le Chiavi di CasaThe Italian Club has also organized a dinner in an Italian restaurant in Salem for the end of the semester. All are invited! New members are always welcome!

If you are interested in joining the ITL club or if you would like to become an active officer, please contact club president, Tessa.

Join the Italian Club mailing list ( or the Facebook page (

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