Posted by: SSU Lingua Franca | April 25, 2012

Foreign Language Students Graduating in May 2012

Foreign Language Students Graduating in May 2012

The following students will be graduating from SSU in May 2012 with a Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish, a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, or a Minor in either French, Foreign Languages, Italian, or Spanish:

Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish
Paul A. Bondanza
Stacey R. Harris
Katie A. Lyons
Osvaldo Mejia
Sara M. Smith

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
Miriam J. Amaya
Marielba A. Arias
Marilin F. Berroa
Joana P. Melo
Kevin Mark O’Connell
Miguel A. Perez
Bonny P. Romero
Jessica M. Silva
Jacqueline S. Turner

Minor in Foreign Languages
Michael A. Ahern
Carla L. Fabian
Catia R. Simas
Kelsey J. Utne

Minor in French
Brice A. Bambara
Anthony J. Black
Kristy J. Harris
Stephanie Pierre
Cassandra A. Sprague

Minor in Italian
Omega Meika Au
Kelly J. Duggan
Cristina Paterno

Minor in Spanish
Alexander A. Barboza
Paul M. Couture
Valerie DelVillar
Nicholas J. DiFranco
Tanya L. Fennell
Luisiana G. Fuente
Luz C. Garay
Giselle J. Jaramillo
Jaclyn L. Keefe
Bethaney M. Silva
Wendinyiide Gracia Tenkodogo
Johanna N. Vargas
Channa Yem

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