Posted by: SSU Lingua Franca | April 25, 2012

Goodbye, Robbie! We’ll See You Around

Roberta Dexter

By Rayanne Menery, department of foreign languages

Robbie Dexter

If over the past few years while studying a foreign language at Salem State University you have entered the foreign languages department office in Sullivan Building, you have been greeted by a very personable and professional part of the foreign language team, the foreign language administrative assistant, Ms. Roberta Dexter, whom we all know as Robbie.

Robbie, a Gloucester native, has been an important asset to the department over her last ten plus years. It will be with a heavy heart that the department must forfeit this friendly and gregarious assistant to the computer sciences department, as she will soon become their full-time assistant.

If you see Robbie over the next few semesters in the hallways or on campus please greet her with a “DANKE, GRAZIE, or GRACIAS” in your target language to let her know how much you have appreciated her during your time here at Salem State University. The faculty will certainly miss her, but wish her more good travels in her next voyages in life.  Grazie, Roberta.  You will be missed!

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