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Congratulations to the class of 2016!

Congratulations to the class of 2016!

The following are students who will be graduating this May in the different programs of the Department of World Languages & Cultures: MAT-Spanish, Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and various minor world language programs.

Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures

Marta Marucci (First major: Business Administration)
Cristina Urquhart (First major: History)
Cameron Scully (First major: Philosophy)
Kathleen M. Comeau (First major: Psychology)
Rosa M. Dela Cruz (Spanish)
Genesis Perez (Spanish)
Nadine Rebelo Couto
Naomi Mical Deckert
Kelsey Gentile Delaney
Dyanna Martinez
Rafael M. Moreira
Bianca Robinson
Jennifer Lynn Stevens
Ryan Anthony Walsh

Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish

Darcy Bailey DesGroseilliers
Anelbys Bajramovic
Dominec Casselli
Diana Carolyn Newell
Olga C. Pearson
Julie M. Sargent
Armerys J. Suarez
Adam Ryan Weiss
Fanny Maria Zambrano

Arabic Studies Minor

Joe Francis Butera
Naomi Mical Deckert
Sarah Jane McEwen
Yasmeen H Srour

Chinese Studies Minor

Natasha Iris Vazquez
Patrick Charles Dunleavy

French Minor

Elizabeth Alice O’Leary
Makalah Larissa Angeline Moore

Italian Minor

Megan-Michael Christina Powell

Spanish Minor

Allison Michelle Bridgewater
Dorothy  Calabro
Diana M. Damon
Lisa Ashley Danca
Jasmill Melisa Delossantos
Matthew Anthony Ford
Courtney Maxine Livingston
Jessica Esmeraldies Martinez
Gabriela  Martins
Molly Rose McDonough
Kassandra  Morales
Maleeka L Pearson
Rosa Maria Soto
Maria C. Spindler
Katherine Alessandra Thomas
James Brook Tincknell
Francis Lucelys Bremon Moscat
Jamie Marie Desmond
Ashley Christine Speliotis
Ashley  Tellis

World Languages Minor

Ricardo J. Baez
Abigail Lindsay Caggiano
Ashley-Ann  Crispin

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