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Study Abroad in Spain this summer (2017)

Study Abroad in Spain this summer (2017)!

By Fátima Serra

The summer 2016 study abroad program in Spain takes place at the Universidad de Oviedo in the northern region of Asturias, a public university with over 400 years of history. It was one of the first nine universities in Spain to receive accreditation as a Campus of International Excellence.

Oviedo, Spain 2017 Summer Program: July 3-July 28


Come to Oviedo with us! This program is for everyone who wishes to learn the Spanish language by immersing themselves into the culture, society, and traditions of Spain. You can earn six credits for Spanish language, culture and literature at the Elementary, Intermediate or Advanced Level.

There is also a program for Heritage Speakers! For those who may want to advance further in their program, they may earn three additional credits by registering in WLC203 The Spanish Speaking World I and completing a portfolio about their experience.

You will live with a host family that provides meals and laundry.

Excursions, Museums, beaches and the friendliness of the Spanish people make this experience a wonderful opportunity.


  • Tuition, Room and Meals, Excursions, Activities, SSU Fee and 6 credits $2,000
  • Optional: WLC 203, One SSU Summer Course Tuition
  • Not included: Airfare
  • Financial Aid Available!

You will be helped throughout the whole process by the WLC Faculty coordinator, Fátima Serra, and the Center for International Education (CIE) at Salem State.

For more Information, Contact Dr. Fátima Serra:

Past participants have shared the following comments about their Oviedo experiences:

“The thing that improved the most for me was my confidence. I am more daring with my conversation in Spanish, and that leads me to improvement in all areas.”

“I enjoyed the variety of people I got to meet. I think I will be in touch with some of them. I really enjoyed the city, I can’t imagine a prettier and cleaner place to study.”

“My Spanish improved a lot. My vocabulary improved dramatically and the uses of the past and future tense have begun to become attainable in everyday conversations.”

“I have learned that it is not all about the USA. Foreign countries put a lot more emphasis on international relations than the States do. People are similar everywhere; culture and language differ.”


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