Posted by: SSU Lingua Franca | April 28, 2017

New Blog for Lovers of Spanish Language and Culture


For the last few years, Dr. Aske has been working on a Spanish textbook centered around a peculiar subset of Spanish and English words, their cognates. Cognates are more than just words that look alike and have the same meaning. They are words that have the same origin at some point back in history, for words have histories, as well as interesting stories to tell!

In order to make the material more accessible (the book is 1,700 pages long), Dr. Aske has started a blog in which bits and pieces of the book, some of the juiciest morsels, are placed from time to time. Visit the blog and if you like it, subscribe to it:

Students interested in Spanish-English translation will find this blog particularly interesting since the equivalence of cognates is extensively analyzed in this work.

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