Posted by: SSU Lingua Franca | May 2, 2018

Translation Studies

Translation Studies

Kristine Doll

2017-2018 has been a very active year for the department’s translation studies and courses leading to the Certificate of Translation. We graduated our first cohort of Certificate in Translation students in May 2017. Congratulations graduates! We welcomed several guest speakers to our translation studies courses, including regional leaders of social welfare agencies, municipalities and SSU Certificate in Translation graduates.

Continuing our tradition of community service, our students have been active as translators throughout the local and regional communities. Our projects have included legal, historical, cultural and political services with direct impact on the lives of the people affected by these endeavors.

Our most recent projects include translating for the Essex County District Attorney’s Office, Wellspring House in Gloucester, and various businesses in Salem MA. Our partnership with the Essex County District Attorney’s Office began last year when we were asked to translate informational brochures from English to Spanish about the opioid crisis. The D.A.’s Office reached out to partner with us again this year on English to Spanish translations of new informational brochures about the drug crisis and specific treatment programs available.

In addition to translating, several of our students also served as bilingual election poll assistants throughout Salem during the recent city-wide elections.

For information about these projects or about the Certificate in Translation, please contact Dr. Kristine Doll (


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