Posted by: SSU Lingua Franca | April 24, 2019

French Translation News

French Translation News

By Elizabeth Blood

This semester, students enrolled in Dr. Blood’s FRE 400: French Translation Seminar will be completing French/English translation projects for community clients, including Christine Boulanger, a Parisian artist and author of the website (translations of online essays about the artist’s encounters with her subjects); Dr. Leslie Choquette, Director of the French Institute at Assumption College (translations of biographies of Franco-American authors); and Dr. Julie Whitlow of the Center for International Education (translations of brochures for the Intensive English Language Program), among others. Students had a Skype conversation with Ms. Boulanger in class one day and had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversation about her project, which aims to celebrate the diversity of cultures in Paris and create bonds between people of very different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds by creating portraits and essays about Parisians of all walks of life.

French Translation News

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