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S.I.T.E. Program in Lombardy, Italy

S.I.T.E. Program in Lombardy, Italy: “Buon Viaggio Samantha & Luciano!”

By Anna Rocca

The S.I.T.E. (Study Intercultural Training Experience) Program is an internship opportunity for English-speaking teaching assistant in schools of Lombardy, Italy. It is an opportunity for students or recent graduates from US Universities who wish to get a better understanding of the Italian language and culture, while assisting local teachers and getting professional training on teaching methods.

This year, Samantha Sullivan, a Major in World Languages and Cultures with a concentration in Italian and a Minor in History, and Luciano Rex, a Major in Theatre and a Minor in World Languages & Cultures, have been awarded a Teaching Fellowship for the academic year 2019-2020. Samantha Sullivan has been placed at the high school Liceo Simon Weil in Treviglio, province of Milan. Luciano Rex has been assigned to the high school Economic & Technical Institute Enrico Tosi in Busto Arsizio, province of Milan. Both students will leave in September 2019 and stay until June 2020! CONGRATULAZIONI RAGAZZI!!!

Samantha Sullivan

Samantha Sullivan

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