Posted by: SSU Lingua Franca | May 2, 2013

Foreign Language Students Graduating in May 2013

Foreign Language Students Graduating in May 2013

The following students will be graduating from SSU in May 2013 with a Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish, a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, or a Minor in either French, Foreign Languages, Italian, or Spanish:

Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish
James M. Dickens
Katina McClain
Jennifer M. Scott
Sara H. Amancio
Samuel Martinez
Anastasia Kolokithas

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
Cherie A. Mann
Christina Maria DiLiegro
Melida E. Sanchez
Vanessa Rose Risti

Minor in Foreign Languages
Matthew Jerome Curley
Chad Whitman Freeman
Iris Hoxha
Darlene Rodriguez
Mario R. Rodriguez
Catia R. Simas

Minor in French
Ernstsherley C. Blanc
Cassandra M. Cirillo
Christopher Tyler Dubois
Nicole B. Freeman
Michael Joseph Hughes
Stephen James Lacey
Erik Weissinger

Minor in Italian
Tessa Renee Allen
Kelly J. Duggan
Cristina Paterno

Minor in Spanish
Melissa Marie Carella
Amy Elena Castellano
Nicholas E. Cristoforo
David Allen Gadbois
Socrates Joel Garcia
Christina Leigh Hamlin
Jaclyn Leigh Keefe
Adam K. McQuarrie
Laura Elizabeth Sawulski

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