Posted by: SSU Lingua Franca | May 2, 2013

Departmental Awards 2013

Departmental Awards 2013


Ryan Walsh (Itl)
Philemon Awha (Itl)
Jeffrey Robinson (Fre)
Matthew Curley (Fre)
Melissa Carella (Spn)
Angelica Green (Spn)
Angela Harling (Spn)
Nilsa Huynh (Spn)
Patricia Sanchez (Spn-MAT)
Aviel Valenzuela (Spn-MAT)
Katie Hanchette (Spn-MAT)


Naomi Deckert (Ara)
Miki Nakamura (Chi)
Takumi Matsuoka (Chi)
William Winn (Chi)
Cynthia Su (Chi)
Amie Dibbern (Itl)
Gabriella George (Itl)
Caitlin O’toole (Itl)
Laura Howard (Itl)
Karl Limage (Itl)
Ruth Cooper (Lat)
Kristen Sanfilippo (Fre)
Ciara Tavares (Fre)
Nicholas F. Martinez (Fre)
Chelsea L. Gaudet (Fre)
Emily L. Doucette (Fre)
Makalah L. A. Moore (Fre)
Jacob T. Crawford (Fre)
Álvaro Jose Witt Duarte (Ger)
Amanda Tower (Spn)
Kelsey Delaney (Spn)
Rosa De La Cruz (Spn)
Kayla Fields (Spn)
Alise Rittershaus (Spn)
Courtney Welch (Spn)


Tessa Allen (Itl)
Marta Marucci (Itl)
Mikeneil Paul (FL)


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