Posted by: SSU Lingua Franca | December 1, 2015

Language Clubs’ Corner

Language Clubs’ Corner


The Italian Club hosted a super-successful paint night on Wednesday November 18th. Approximately thirty-five students filled up our Language Lab in SB 117 at 6:00pm. The atmosphere was sensational, collaborative, relaxing and joyful! Paint is a form of therapy that encourages creativity and self-expression, and often you do not have to be an artist to enjoy its benefits. In fact, participants appreciated the final product as well as the therapeutic, meditative ritual of the creative process. Take a look of their creations: Kudos to the Italian Club officers: Caitlin O’Toole (President), Marta Marucci (Treasurer), Thea Miller (Secretary) and Javier Rodriguez (Vice-President).

ITL_CLUB_Paint_Night_NOV 18


The Spanish Club has met several times already this semester. They met on Wednesday Nov. 4 at Rockafellas in Salem to dance salsa, with lessons provided. People are encouraged to join them in their fun-filled activities. Join them in the fun!:

Spanish Club salsa dancing at Rockafellas (2)

Spanish Club salsa dancing at Rockafellas (1)

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