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Phi Sigma Iota Honor Society and other departmental awards

Phi Sigma Iota Honor Society and other departmental awards

The following list of students and other individuals were inducted into our department’s Phi Sigma Iota Honor Society at the end of the last academic year. It is important to us to recognize their hard work and achievement.

MAT in Spanish

Anelbys Bajramovic
Darcy desGroseilliers
Julie Sargent


Erin McManus


Jeffrey Robinson
Samantha Trullo


Thea Miller
Nadine Solimine


Rosa de la Cruz
Angelica Green
Ruthann Sterling
Corinne Turner
Alicia Vizuet

Honorary Inductees

Leonor Figueroa-Feher, PhD
Professor Domenico Savio Teker


Elisa Castillo, PhD
Ronnette Wongus

The following students are recognized for their achievement with Departmental Honors

Departmental Honors

Mirwais Mohammad Anwar – Arabic
Elizabeth Darmetko – Chinese
Nathalie Reyes – French
Caitlin O’Toole – Italian
Ryan Viglione – Spanish
Marta Marucci – World Languages
Terrell Greene – Departmental Service

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