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Translation Studies Update and Fall Course Schedule

Translation Studies

by Kristine Doll

2016-2017 has been a very active year for the department’s translation studies and courses leading to the Certificate of Translation. As detailed in the article on community service projects, our students have been active as translators throughout the local and global communities. Our projects have included legal, historical, cultural and political services with direct impact on the lives of the people affected by these undertakings. We have worked as interpreters and translators at polling stations on Election Day, on city and state brochures about opiate addiction, and on information to the public about municipal services in Salem MA. Some of us have published our translations of short stories and poems.

Throughout the year, we interviewed translation professionals, created our own on-line translation profiles, and reached out to potential employers for their advice. We welcomed several international guest speakers to our translation studies courses, including two professional translators from Spain. They guided us through a series of translations of legal testimonies and highlighted the differences between law as practiced in the United States and that practiced in Spain and the ramifications for translators as we navigate the two. They also presented their dubbing of Disney’s film Frozen and we discovered the challenges not only of choosing the correct words but also of choosing the correct words that match the facial activity of the characters.

In March, we visited a working translation and publishing agency to see what its like to be a professional translator. The team at Cambridge BrickHouse gave us a warm welcome and many tips and good practical advice for becoming both freelance and in-house translators.

This May will see the first graduates of the department’s Certificate in Translation. We wish them the best of experiences going forward in the world as well-prepared, enthusiastic translators. Shared, accurate communication is always of crucial importance. The WLC department is delighted to be able to contribute to the sharing of language, culture and perspectives through the professionalism of our graduates.

Translation Studies Fall 2017

Below some of the courses that are specific to the Certificate and that are offered for the Fall 2017 semester. Choose as many or as few courses as your schedule permits.

Introduction to Translation (required entry-level course)

  • WLC300 Introduction to Translation – Doll, K. Thursdays 4:30-6:50pm

Grammar and Style:

  • ENL306 English – Buchanan – M 1:10-3:50

Advanced Writing (choose one):

  • ENL310 English/Professional Writing (multiple sections; check listings)

Professional Experience or Course in WLC (choose one):

  • SPN405 Spanish World Through Film – Serra, F. – T/TR 10:50-12:05
  • SPN418 Hispano-American Literature II – Reeds, K. -R 9:25-10:40


Professional Courses in Other Fields (choose one in consultation with advisors; these are examples):

  • BIO 201/202
  • COM 316
  • CRJ 101
  • POL 251
  • SWK101


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